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Updated: Jan 30

A great concern is caused when thinking of getting a big boat or yacht shipped to your location from the UAE.

Simply you can find an international boat and yacht shipping company in the UAE like ِAAC Cargo LLC in Dubai.

we will collect the boat from the location and deliver with this to you. You have to contact the team to get the paperwork in order.

When it comes to exotic boats, the market that the UAE has to offer is without a doubt the best and most varied, with great offers on both new and second-hand boats and also yachts, with an amazing variety of brands and models to choose from.

Brand like;





  • LUND






You must be thinking of purchasing a new boat. You need to find a decent boat salesperson and ask every single question related to the boat that you’re searching for.

However, make sure to test them thoroughly both externally and internally of the boat before purchasing.

However, it’s best you can send someone to check the boat by the person before purchasing it. It’s curious to additional flow a few steps before buying a boat from the UAE

The main concerns are how the boat was handled before. Make sure to clear all the import and export regulations and customs procedures before purchasing the boat or yacht from UAE. After you purchase the boat you can ship this through AAC Cargo LLC.

AAC Cargo LLC Boat and Yacht Shipping will guide you throughout the process and you will not have any trouble when it comes to documentation. They can also deliver the boat to the relevant specific location you require.

And take care of the boat properly while shipping your soon-to-be boat or yacht, once you clear and sort the paperwork related to import and export regulations you will not risk delaying the shipping of your boat for months at the very least. If you consider AAC Cargo LLC, they tend to deliver within a month duration of time.

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