Car and Household Effects Shipping from UAE to Belgium

If you’re moving to Belgium from the UAE and thinking about how to take your valuable car along, or you’re currently residing in the country and wish to import a vehicle of your choice to Belgium.

The choice is whether to ship via dedicated or consolidated shipping via sea freight.

If you wish you send your household effects along with your car. It’s recommended to use dedicated container shipping.

AAC Cargo LLC also ships large volume shipments and also does motorbike shipping to Belgium.

Car Transport to Belgium Shipping Guide

Before getting your vehicle shipped to Belgium, there are a few details that you should prepare to help make things easier.

It’s best you service your care and also clean it so that it allows you to inspect it thoroughly for damages. It’s best if you get the car cleaned and waxed so that you can protect it from the external environment like dust and dirt related damage.

Organize all the relevant documents for the shipping process.

It’s best if you remove extra additional accessories or valuables goods out of the car.

Certain Document you will need to prepare

– Proof of purchase of the car

– Registration documents

– Permanent residency permit for Belgium

– Any Belgian insurance proof

– Customs clearance forms

How to Ship a car overseas

Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO), Shipping Containers, and Air Freight.

AAC Cargo LLC provides this service at an affordable rate and delivered within a month of its sea freight service.

Ari freight service takes 4-5 working days.

Your car will be loaded onto a ship and carried across the ocean to Belgium.

You can pick up the car at the port or get the car delivered to your doorstep.

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