Shipping Car from the UAE to Canada

Shipping a car is easy with AAC Cargo LLC, their team is well experienced and will help you throughout the process step by step from necessary documents to dropping off your car at the final destination. You can choose any type of service from AAC Cargo LLC, dedicated or consolidated container shipping methods to suit your need.

Car Inspection Process

The car will be inspected thoroughly and noted for any issues or adjustments before shipment to the final destination in Canada. Then the car will be loaded into the container safely.

Wooden blocks and nylon straps will be used to hold the car in place to avoid any damages. All the wooden blocks will be nailed down and supported by lash to avoid any movement during the journey. Also, the car will arrive within a month to the final destination. Where you will be able to pick it up from the port or get the car delivered to your doorstep.

Contact us now on how to ship your personal car overseas from UAE

You have to be ready with the correct documents required:

Copy of your passport (photo page only)

Original proof of ownership of the car (can also be sent with the vehicle)


Previous registration, if any

Proof of insurance

Canadian safety and pollution standards test should be a pass.

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